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Dedicated to satisfying the basic legal needs of families, individuals and small businesses in Calgary and area, KSD Law provides services in three core categories: real estate, wills and estates, and business law.

Real Estate
Providing expert service for both residential and commercial real estate transactions, KSD Law offers flat-rate fees for residential sales and house purchases (new mortgages, assumptions of existing mortgages, or cash transactions), mortgage refinancing and construction draws. Commercial transactions are billed at an hourly rate.

Additional special services include organizing interim financing with lenders; obtaining new or updated Real Property Reports; preparing encroachment agreements or development permits; drafting or reviewing purchase contracts; and executing extra-provincial documents.

High-touch service grounded in seasoned expertise means you get excellent value for competitive prices. The vast majority of KSD’s real estate business comes by way of referrals – a testament to the calibre of service we provide.

PARKING TIP: Typical sale, purchase or mortgage, or combined sale and purchase/mortgage transactions require a 45-minute appointment per transaction.

Wills & Estates
KSD Law understands both the importance and the often delicate nature of estate planning and, even more so, the legal matters that arise after the passing of a loved one.

With vast experience in preparing and executing wills, personal directives and enduring powers of attorney, KSD Law combines a common-sense, ‘keep it simple’ approach with a respectful empathy that’s as rare as it is refreshing.

KSD Law offers flat-rate, all-inclusive fees for wills, enduring powers of attorney and personal directives (with the exception of occasional non-standard situations). In estate administration matters, KSD does not bill according to the Surrogate Court’s suggested guidelines (which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars) but by an hourly rate, which saves you money.

PARKING TIP: Typical will, enduring power of attorney, and personal directive transactions require a 90-minute appointment per transaction.

Business Law
Starting or restructuring a business? KSD Law can help register your corporation, create shareholder and lease agreements, and deal with other legal matters.

For privately owned companies, KSD Law can proficiently handle all matters related to launching, restructuring, amalgamating, selling or dissolving a business.

Services include incorporations, partnerships, trade name registration, annual return filings, contract and lease reviews, and matters related to buying or selling a business.

PARKING TIP: Business law matters are by appointment, requiring approximately 90 minutes.